Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of travelers on a tour?

Groups have a maximum of 24 travelers. There will be 1 local guide for 1–14 guests, and 2 guides if there are 15–24 guests.

What is the minimum number of travelers for a tour to run?

Groups have a minimum of 4 travelers in order to run the tour. If less than 4, True Adventures will work with you to create a private, custom tour at a budget you decide, or the trip may be canceled (guests will receive a 100% full refund if True Adventures cancels the trip).

What IS INCLUDED in the price of a True Adventure?

A minimum of one friendly and knowledgeable local tour guide to lead you throughout the itinerary. For group sizes of 1 – 14 persons, there will be 1 Guide. For group sizes of 15+, there will be 2 Guides to lead you.

All Accommodations as mentioned in the itinerary. If a hotel is not available for our group, a similar hotel of equal or greater value will be used. Prices are based on Double Occupancy. Single travelers are subject to a “Single Supplement” charge.

All activities and excursions as stated in our itinerary.

Most meals, except where specified, are included.

Transportation on each tour day as part of the tour itinerary. Land transportation as part of the tour such as coach, mini bus, TukTuk, and group transfers are included. Internal Air transfers (flights) are included as specified as part of the itinerary. Flights to and from your home airport and the tour destination are NOT included.

Luggage service (porterage) at airports and hotels.

National Park and entrance fees as part of the tour.

Gratuities for all activity vendors, drivers, restaurant staff, hotel porters, and housekeepers, which are included in your True Adventure. Your True Adventures Guides are NOT included and should be tipped appropriately. If you dine or do an activity while on your own time, gratuities are not included.

All government taxes and fees at the time of booking.

What is NOT included in the price of a True Adventure?

Airfare or other transportation between your residence and the True Adventures destination. Once the tour begins, all internal flights with the group as part of the itinerary are included.

Pre- or Post-transportation to/from the start or end of the tour destination. This means if you arrive/depart before or after the designated tour dates, transportation to/from the airport may be at your own expense. Please speak with your guide or our office for these requests, as it may be possible to accommodate you.

Airline Baggage fees (such as overweight or additional luggage). For included internal flights, each guest is allowed one 7kg carry-on bag, and one 15kg checked luggage. Additional luggage outside these parameters may be at the guest’s expense.

Customs, immigration, passport, and visa fees. We are here to help with information and guide you through the process. Many countries (such as Thailand) are free and easy “Visa on arrival” where you simply show up with your passport and are permitted to enter for a certain length of time. Each country has different agreements with other countries, so always check with your own country and destination’s website or consulate before planning your trip.

Travel protection insurance. Every guest is required to have their own travel insurance in order to join a True Adventures tour. It’s a good practice to purchase this for any international trip you take, and having the peace of mind to know you’ll have help and financial security in case something happens is well worth the minimal cost.

Any additional activities, meals, or transportation not specifically included in the tour package (On your own time).

Gratuities for your True Adventures Tour Guide(s).

Items of a personal nature, such as laundry, room service, telephone, or alcohol, unless specified as included.

Are optional items on the itinerary included in the price, or is there an additional fee to do that activity? (Yes, everything listed as part of the itinerary is included!)

Unlike other travel companies, we have no “optional” paid activities! Everything in the itinerary is included. We would love for every guest to join us in all activities, but understand that a few may “opt out” of some of the more physical or tiring activities. Anything outside the itinerary or during “on your own time” is of course at your own expense.

I have allergies. Can I make any dietary requests?

We will work our hardest with each restaurant and vendor to provide you with any dietary requests we receive before the start of your adventure at no additional charge. Please note that not all requests may be accommodated due to limiting factors. Please fill out the dietary restrictions and requests portion of your onboarding documents prior to the start of your tour, and inform your guide(s) upon arrival.

How do I book a True Adventure?

Please fill out our easy-to-use online Booking Request Form (Travel Agreement). Or, you may call our reservation and information line at +1 (949) 385-0012 to speak with a representative or contact your local travel agent. A deposit of 10% of the total price is required to secure space for each guest, due within 14 days of booking. The remaining balance will be due 120 days prior to your tour start date.

What kind of pace can I expect on a True Adventure?

True Adventures are crafted to include full, active days with as many opportunities to experience each location and activity from a local’s perspective. That may include short hikes, high elevations, encountering wildlife, learning about different cultures and environments, or sharing local traditions. We try to include as much as possible on your vacation while balancing rest and relaxation. We offer alternate activities when possible, and you are always welcome to “opt-out” of any activity. True Adventures has included activities with levels ranging from easy to challenging and will make every effort to accommodate each and every guest. For more information about the pace of a trip, see the full trip itinerary.  If you have more questions or require special assistance, please contact us here or call us at +1 (949) 385-0012.

We’re interested in the Lantern Festival. How does that change the itinerary?

Special events and activities may be happening while on our tours! We will make every effort to include these occasions in safe, fun, and immersive ways. Our guides and experts may give extra information, provide bonus hands-on activities, or even modify the timing and itinerary of the tour to fit these special events. The main activities (such as caring for elephants) will still be included, but some parts of the itinerary may be adjusted as needed to provide the best guest experience. Example: For the Yi Peng and Loi Krathong festivals, we purposefully chose the dates that allow us to be in Chiang Mai for the celebrations! Our tour will run close to the original itinerary, with only the Chiang Mai portion varying slightly to make sure we enjoy the festivities. We will still spend a day with elephants and experience the sticky waterfall, but we may have to alter one of our temple visits. Every decision made is to ensure we have the most fun and memorable trip!

Can I book extra hotel nights before or after my tour?

Yes. If the hotel has availability, we will try to reserve the same room you will use on your True Adventure. Sometimes the hotel will ask you to change rooms if booked at our special discounted rates. Transfers to/from the airport and hotel for extended stays will be offered free of charge if booked through us. Our special rates for hotels and activities are only available if booked directly through a True Adventures agent in conjunction with a full True Adventures Tour, are subject to change, and are not valid with any other offers. You may of course opt to book your own accommodations at the same or different hotel, just make sure to be at the meeting point for the start of your adventure!

Uh oh, I need to cancel or change my reservation…

We know that unexpected things happen in life, and plans change. Unfortunately, cancellations result in costly charges from hotel and activity providers, with penalties and fees for canceling confirmed reservations.

For changes to your trip start date or itinerary, there will be no charge if requests are made within 14 calendar days of initial booking. If you request a change after the 14 calendar day grace period, it will be considered a cancellation and re-booking may be charged at the rates below. Please note that reservations may not be transferable. We will make every effort to make name changes, tour date changes, or other requests, without charge, but reserve the right to pass on any costs from third-party vendors that may occur.

If you must cancel, please make a formal cancellation by calling or emailing us as soon as possible. You may also opt to credit your existing payment, minus any 3rd party costs, towards a future trip to any True Adventures destination. The credit amount is considered a “Lifetime Credit” and may be applied towards payment of a deposit on any other Tour offered by True Adventures. Amounts paid, minus cancellation fees and nonrefundable amounts will be refunded in U.S. dollars directly to the method of payment on file. If booked through a travel agent, we will not be responsible for additional agency cancellation fees they may charge, if any. No refunds will be made in the event of interruption or cancellation by you after the trip start date.

We strongly recommend that clients arrange for comprehensive travel insurance covering cancellation/postponement clauses, as well as good medical coverage. Travel insurance may very well become a pre-requirement for entry from many governments/destinations in the post-Covid era, and the minimum amount recommended coverage is 100,000 USD.

*For cancellations made 120 Days or more from the date of your tour departure, we may refund your deposit minus any fees or charges unrecoverable from our vendors. Please note that we do depend on our partners/ suppliers and their goodwill and some specific charges like prepaid hotel/air/ground transportation and other services may not be fully recoverable.

Unless stated otherwise in your True Adventures Confirmation, the following cancellation policy shall apply:

Please see our full Terms and Conditions for more details.Cancellation Policy

What happens if True Adventures cancels the tour? Do we receive a full refund?

In the extremely rare occasion and due to unforeseen circumstances, True Adventures may have to cancel a tour. We will make every effort to keep the program as is or make adjustments as needed, but we live in the real world and things can happen. If we cancel the tour on our end, guests will receive a 100% refund of their payment. They may also choose a future travel credit towards a different date or trip if they so choose.

What happens with flights that are booked by us if True Adventures cancels the tour?

Flights booked by the guest or their travel agent are subject to the terms and conditions of the airline or agency booked with. True Adventures requires each guest to have travel insurance in order to join our tours. Please contact your travel insurance provider if the airline gives you trouble. Certain premium travel credit cards also include “Trip Cancellation” protection.